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    TactX 3D
    TactX is the leading 3D animation tool that is designed
    to allow football coaches to improve their communication
    to players.

TactX Features


3D Animation

Sessions are designed in 2D and automatically converted to advanced 3D animation captured from professional footballers for the ultimate in realism.


Players & Equipment

TactX has a selection of outfield players, goalkeepers and referees. There are different strip colours and equipment to use in your sessions.


Export to Video

With the TactX Video Exporter you can export your sessions to video to use on mobile devices or presentations.


Flexible & Accurate

The TactX Animator allows you the freedom and flexibility to get your sessions just right.

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In Detail

  • 3D Animation

    Motion-captured animation from professional players

  • Player Customisation

    Use players with different strips, bibs and skin tones

  • Kit Bag

    The kit bag comes with everything you need to create your sessions: balls, cones, flags, markers and goals.

  • Pitch Areas

    Highlight pitch areas and show/remove lines to make your session look right

  • Player Numbering

    Show/hide player numbers and customise to match your own squad

  • Video Export

    Export your animation to video to playback in presentations or on mobile devices