TactX Soccer Coaching Drills

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TactX 3D Soccer Coaching Drills

TactX Soccer Drill Packs

Looking for amazing high quality soccer coaching drills? Then you’ve come to the right place!

TactX has a selection of drill packs available to purchase. Each pack contains 10 professionally designed drills animated with TactX. Each drill comes with the TactX Animator file, which you can load into the application to use and modify as you need, an HD video of the drill animation, and a set of written coaches notes.

Coach Notes

Use the traditional Coaches Notes to take out on the field for your training sessions. Put them on your tablet or phone, or print them out to complement the animations. Click on the image for a preview of the Coaches Notes.

TactX Animator File

Load the animation file into the TactX Animator to see how the drill was made and modify it to suit your own sessions. Click on the image to see how easy it is to create amazing animations in TactX.

HD TactX Animation Video

Use the HD TactX Animation Video to share the drills with your players, take it onto the training field, or use in a presentation. Click on the image to view a sample of the video that comes with each drill.