TactX 3D Soccer Coaching Drills

TactX Software

TactX Soccer Coaching Drills Animator

TactX Animator

£60 / Year

Design your drills and sessions in 2D and they are automatically converted to 3D at the touch of a button.

TactX Soccer Coaching Drills Video Exporter

TactX Video Exporter

£60 / Year

Use the TactX  Video Exporter to export your drills to video to share and use in presentations.

TactX Soccer Coaching Drills Software

TactX Animator with Video Exporter

£100 / Year

Buy the full bundle to get both the Animator and Video Exporter.

TactX Soccer Coaching Drills

Choose from a selection of professionally made TactX drills. Each package comes with 10 drills and includes the TactX file which you can modify along with an HD video and text instructions.

TactX Soccer Coaching Drills Templates

Choose from a selection of templates to give you a head start creating your TactX sessions. The package contains 20 TactX files with common starting templates.

TactX Publication Licence

If you want to publish your TactX content on a commercial website, book, DVD, TV or App, you’ll need a Publication Licence. Contact the TactX team for more details.

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