Design and create your sessions in the Animator and use the TactX Video Exporter to create dynamic HD videos from your animations.

TactX Animator with Video Exporter is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

  • Now offline – no internet access required!
  • 3D Animation captured from professional players
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Multiple player pass and receive animations
  • Multiple Goalkeeper save and distribution animations
  • Customise players with different strips, bibs and skin tones
  • Create your sessions using balls, cones, flags, markers and goals
  • Highlight pitch areas and show/remove pitch lines
  • Show, Hide and Customise player numbers
  • Choose from three different run speeds
  • Multiple fixed camera angles or create your own with FreeCam
  • Modify players timelines to make sure everything is precisely put together
  • Print and Screenshot
  • Export TactX animation to video files
  • Full HD available
  • Use the video to share with colleagues or in presentations
  • Record from unlimited angles
  • Formats: MP4 or WMV

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